Pharmacology for the Future Science, Drug Development and Therapeutics / July1(Sun)-6(Fri),2018 Kyoto International Conference Center Kyoto, Japan

Call for Satellite Symposia

The WCP2018 Organizing Committee is calling for applications for Satellite Symposia to be held in conjunction with WCP2018.
If an application to hold a Satellite Symposium is approved, the organization concerned will be permitted to use the name “WCP2018 Satellite Symposium,” and the symposium will be described on the WCP2018 website.

Definition of Satellite Symposia

Satellite Symposia are defined as gatherings of researchers in various specialist fields who are attending WCP2018 but are meeting separately from the main conference of WCP2018 to deal with individual themes in greater depth than is possible in the main conference.

Application Criteria

A Satellite Symposium must be proposed by a member of an association under the umbrella of the IUPHAR who is due to attend WCP2018. A Satellite Symposium must be held within one week before or after the dates of WCP2018 (*some overlap with the dates of WCP2018 is also permissible). Although a Satellite Symposium need not necessarily be held in Japan, it must be possible to travel from the venue to Kyoto, the venue for WCP2018, within one day.
The costs of holding a Satellite Symposium are to be borne by the organizers of the Satellite Symposium. (WCP2018 will not bear any of the cost.)

Criteria for Participants and Speakers

All participants and speakers in a Satellite Symposium are required to register to attend WCP2018.

Application Period

December 12, 2016 to February 28, 2017

Approval Procedure

After the end of the application period, the Organizing Committee will discuss the content of the Satellite Symposia, and only those that are approved will be accepted as official WCP2018 Satellite Symposia.
Only Satellite Symposia that have been approved will be notified by March 31, 2017.

Post-Approval Schedule

Successful applicants are required to inform the Congress Secretariat of the theme of the Satellite Symposium and the names of the chair, speakers, and titles of speakers’ presentations, along with the details of the venue of the Satellite Symposium, by July, 2017.
The information received will be published on the Satellite Symposia page on the official website of WCP2018 (and also published in the Program and Volume of Abstracts of WCP2018).

Congress Secretariat

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