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July1(Sun)-6(Fri),2018 Kyoto International Conference Center Kyoto, Japan

Cultural Experiences

WCP2018 Chadō (Tea Ceremony) experience

  • Date:JULY 2nd (Mon) & 3rd (Tue)
  • Times:13:00-13:30 and 13:30-14:00 (two 30 minute courses)
  • Room:Room 103, Kyoto International Conference Center
  • Price:JPY 3,000 per person
  • Maximum participants:27 participants per course
  • Meal:Not included *Matcha tea and a small Japanese confection will be served.

【About the Tea Ceremony experience】

Tea Ceremony

What is Chadō?
Chadō, commonly referred to as “Tea Ceremony” in English, is a spiritual and aesthetic discipline for refinement of the self (dō), built around the serving of matcha tea (cha). The underlying principles of chadō are Harmony, Respect, Purity, and Tranquility. Within this tradition, there lie over four hundred years of knowledge, wisdom, history, and culture. The enduring allure of chadō attests to the deep meaning that this “Art of Living” holds for all people.

What is Matcha?
Matcha is powdered green tea that is blended with hot water. Matcha is made from the same tea leaf as all teas, but the process of steaming and then drying the leaves, followed by crumbling them and then milling the leaf into a powder makes matcha very different from other teas. The tea leaf itself contains many valuable nutrients, so the drinking of matcha is considered a very healthy practice.

The Urasenke Chadō Tradition
You will experience the Urasenke chadō tradition. The Urasenke organization has been particularly invested in the promotion of international exchange and communication through the way of tea. There are now millions of people who study and practice chadō as taught by Urasenke around the world.


  • Time and Date:10:00-11:00, Tuesday, July 3rd
  • Room:Room 554, Kyoto International Conference Center
  • Price:5,000JPY

Calligraphy is said to reflect the writer's mind as well as their writing skill. During this program, you can create your own calligraphy after a few practice attempts. You are able to bring your creations home with you.


Flower Arrangement

  • Time and Date:14:15-15:15, Monday, July 2nd
  • Room:Room 554, Kyoto International Conference Center
  • Price:8,000JPY

You can enjoy a flower arranging class while learning the difference between a Japanese arranging style and a western one. Ikebana, a Japanese flower arrangement expresses the beauty of space while getting rid of unnecessary items as much as possible.

Flower Arrangement


  • Time and Date:10:00-11:00, Wednesday, July 4th
  • Room:Room 554, Kyoto International Conference Center
  • Price:4,000JPY

Origami is a traditional art which transforms a sheet of paper into a variety of shapes, such as animals and flowers through folding techniques. Origami expresses Japanese unique sense of creativity.


Kimono Wearing

  • Date:July 2nd thorough 5th
  • Room:Room 555, Kyoto International Conference Center
  • Price:8,000JPY

Kimonos are traditional Japanese clothing, popular around the world. You can walk around in the venue, or even deliver a presentation in Kimono that you pick up among a variety of choices.

Kimono Wearing

Application and Inquiries

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